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Are you having pain or difficulty chewing? Do your dentures feel like they are loose? Your mouth changes over time but the denture does not and this affects how it fits and functions. A processed acrylic reline adapts the tissue side of your denture to those changes and provides the maximum fit once again. This can help maintain the integrity and longevity of your denture. Most relines can be completed on the same day so if you are experiencing any discomfort with your existing dentures, give us a call to book an appointment.

Repairs and Additions

Have you accidentally dropped your denture or bitten into something too hard? This can result in fractured acrylic or a broken tooth which will affect both comfort and function. It is important to have this addressed quickly and in most cases the denture can be repaired the same day.

Do you wear a partial denture but find you’ve lost more teeth by whatever circumstance? It may be possible to add one or more teeth to your existing partial. Our denture specialist will evaluate the situation and advise if it is possible. Call today to book an appointment.

Resilient Soft Liners

This is a silicone type material generally added to the tissue side of the lower denture. It adds a layer of firm cushioning against the ridge for added comfort. The denturist will evaluate the lower ridge and discuss if this is a recommended option for you.

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