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Complete and Partial Dentures

If you are missing one tooth, several teeth or all your teeth we have the solution. The staff at Grace Denture Clinic looks forward to working with you to restore your smile with complete and partial dentures. Call us today to book a free consultation to discuss your dental needs.

Complete Dentures

When you are missing all of your natural teeth on the top or bottom jaw you require a complete denture. They are made with a natural gum shade, high-impact acrylic. The teeth are set to give you a natural look that resembles your original smile. It can also correct what you did not like about your original teeth. The upper denture stays in place by a suction seal. The bottom denture sits over top of the lower ridge. Individuals looking for a more permanent hold can learn more about implant-retained dentures.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are recommended when you are missing one or several of your teeth. The available options are non-metal, acrylic or a cast metal framework depending on your individual need and preference. The cast metal can be a chromium cobalt or titanium base. They are all designed to engage with your adjacent natural teeth to replace those that are missing. 

For further information on complete and partial dentures, call us.

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