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Bring back the spark in your smile with dentures.


Broken Dentures?

Relines and repairs to rescue your smile and oral health.


Options Galore

Variety of denture procedures for your comfort.


Missing Tooth?

Opt for dental implants and feel the difference.


Denture Specialists

Are you missing a tooth or several teeth or perhaps they are unhealthy? Do you have pain or difficulty chewing with your existing dentures? Are you afraid to really smile? Regain your comfort and confidence with Grace Denture Clinic. We offer comprehensive denture services to residents of Edmonton and the surrounding areas. No referral is required and we offer free consultations. Whether you require partial or complete dentures our denture specialists will work to give you a natural-looking smile with great fit and function. In addition to a variety of denture options the clinic also offers relines and repairs as well as mouth guards for sports and those experiencing bruxism.

Personalized Service

Our focus is on you, the patient, and your dental needs. Whether you have lost your teeth through age or by accident, we are here to help. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you through each phase of denture treatment. We will do our utmost to educate you throughout the process and quell any anxiety or concerns. Once your dentures are complete we will follow up to ensure you are comfortable and happy with your new smile.

Professional Affiliations

Denturist Association of Alberta
Denturist Association of Canada
College of Alberta Denturists

Contact us to set up an appointment.

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