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Sports Mouthguards

Whether you are a recreational or Olympic athlete you know the importance of using a protective gear. High-impact sports have the potential to cause damage, especially to your teeth. Custom-made sportsguards help protect your pearly whites and help reduce additional trauma. Fabricated on-site with a variety of colours and patterns to choose from, Grace Denture Clinic will get you game ready. Give us a call to book an appointment.

Advantages of Sports Mouthguards

  • Buffer damage to teeth

  • Protect you from potential trauma 

  • Protect lips, cheeks and tongue

Night Guards

Bruxism refers to involuntary or habitual teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching, typically during sleep. This can cause premature wear and damage to your teeth. You may also experience jaw and TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) pain, headaches and muscle fatigue. If you have developed this habit or have these symptoms you can get a dental appliance to be worn while you sleep. Fabricated on-site we will make you a customized nightguard that protects your teeth and helps to keep you comfortable.

What Type of Mouthguards Should I Use?

While most mouthguards may appear similar, they have different functions. There are different mouthguards that you can purchase depending on your needs.

  • Sports: A sports mouthguard can protect your teeth and help you prevent lip and tongue injuries. You should use a sports mouthguard while playing football, soccer, boxing, cycling, skateboarding, etc.

  • Anti-grinding: Problems such as bruxism can cause tooth pain, gum pain, jaw pain and sore gums. They can damage your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard while sleeping will keep your top and bottom teeth separated to prevent damages.

  • Snoring: Mouthguards can also help in reducing snoring. They work by pulling the lower jaw forward and keep the airway open.

  • Sleeping: Sleep apnea causes difficulty in breathing and leads to snoring. While majority of such patients use a CPAP device, those with mild sleep apnea can use a custom mouthguard for a similar result.

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