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Implant – Retained Dentures

Would you like some added security with your dentures? If so, having implants may be the solution. Titanium screws are placed into healthy bone in the jaw to act as anchors that your denture attaches to. Implant-retained dentures are easily removed for daily cleaning and maintenance. Another option is to have a permanently fixed prosthetic. This is much like your natural teeth in the fact that it is screwed into place on the implants and is not removable. No matter what your choice, the added confidence when speaking and chewing will have you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner. Give us a call to book an appointment.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures and Fixed Prosthetics

Implant-retained dentures and fixed prosthetics have multiple benefits. These include:

  • Secure hold and stability

  • No fear of teeth falling out 

  • Better biting pressure, less soreness

  • Look and feel like your natural teeth with less bulk

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